Monday, May 2, 2011

Collecting: Antique Ball Jars!

{This Ball jar duo is brought to you by Paper Seeker on Etsy}

I'm fascinated with Ball Jars these days {especially the turquoise ones}. I was born and raised near Muncie, IN {the Ball brothers produced them there} so they hold a place near and dear to my heart. I imagine the stories of women canning their food, the heat in the kitchen {no air conditioning} and, at the end of the day, row after row of canned fruits and vegetables. I love the simplicity of them and their endless uses. I really need something to store my sewing notions in. I swore I wasn't going to start another collection but I'm not sure I can resist. I am simply fascinated....

My understanding is that the turquoise color, referred to as “Ball blue”, was created from a combo of the sand used in the glass batch and the oxygen in the furnace as the glass melted {I'm not a chemist}. Here is a lovely set of 3 Ball Jars {an instant collection} from the Vintage Wife on Etsy!

This wonderful photo really captures the beautiful simplicity of the Ball jar. Brought to you by the Sugar Bowl Art Company on Etsy!


  1. I love Ball Jars and collect the blue ones as well. I'm always on the lookout for interesting shapes and sizes. I grew up in PA where they weren't that common, but in the Midwest (there's a factory in Ames, IA) they seem to be much easier to find.

  2. Lovely! I hadn't heard of Ball jars before reading this. Our equivalent in Britain would be Kilner jars (they're still made today!), though I've never seen them in that gorgeous shade of turquoise. Strangely enough, I live in Bath where a local turquoise art glass is made (named 'Bath Aqua').

  3. I too love Ball jars, especially the blue ones! Thank you so much for including me in your collection!

  4. I just <3 Sugar Bowl Art Company and all of Abby's photos. What a sweet Ball jar collection.

  5. Thanks for stopping by today ladies! Good to know others appreciate Ball Jars as much as I do...