Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tips: Decorating your Home in Vintage Style!

Decorating your home with vintage style is not as easy as it they make it look in Country Living Magazine or Home and Garden TV. I'm not a professional but I have made some mistakes and have learned a lot over the years. Here are some simple tips to help make it a little easier for you...

Organize: Don't let the clutter of your vintage collections take over your house. Organize by item, color or anyway that floats your boat but don't let it get out of control. A beautifully displayed book case or curio cabinet are good ways to contain the clutter. Use unconventional items as well: old trophies, glass jars {think Ball jars}, old crates or vintage baskets all make great vessels for holding your stuff {referred to by some as junk}.

Mix it up: Don't be afraid to mix old with new. A reproduction found at the right price can be a great addition to your vintage home decor, especially when it comes to furniture. I sometimes find that even though antique or vintage furniture can look awesome the "worn torn" appeal doesn't always hold up well to my kids. I use to think that it all had to be old but I've gotten over that. Once i realized that  no one really cared but me and I was so stressed out over something breaking I decided to let all that go.

Vignette: The vignette is an easy way to pull mix matched vintage or antique pieces together for display. There is an art to it and it may take some time to "get it right" but don't give up. Start by pulling out all the vintage pieces you have laying around: antique books, vintage pottery, small photos etc. Then pick the spot you want to use for your vignette: hall table, coffee table, book case etc.. Clear off the spot and get started with the vintage pieces you've just found in your home! Play with the variation in sizes, layering and color.

Stay Eclectic: I have found that staying eclectic with a thread that pulls your antique and vintage finds together is the best way to go. I love Mid-century design but too much of it and your house either starts to look like a museum or an episode of Leave it to Beaver. I stick to straight lined furniture for the most part with the occasional ornate piece thrown in. I also find that by staying eclectic I have more opportunity to snatch up great finds at great prices.

Be Fearless: Seriously it's just decorating your house. I have found myself in the past paralyzed when it comes to taking chances on my home decor. The fear of getting it wrong can be so overwhelming that you stop trying. So what if you have to move the chair to another room in the house because it isn't working with your vintage table. So what if your Russel Wright is reproduction and not the original. As a good friend of mine once said, if the price is right and you love it the rest doesn't matter!

Paint: I know a lot of people {perhaps you're one of them} consider it a sin to paint old or vintage furniture {certainly antique}. I say if it gets that piece out of the land fill and in to your living room, have at it. If it's the perfect piece at the perfect price but not the perfect color; slap on a coat of paint. The above photo of that fabulous painted farmhouse cabinet is an example of utilizing paint on vintage furniture to bring it to life. You'll never convince me in a million years that the coat of yellow paint didn 't save it from obscrutiy.

There's nod doubt about it; decorating with antiques or vintage finds can be harder than it looks. Don't let the specifics overwhelm you and remember you're not performing brain surgery so making a mistake is certainly an option!

Share your tips for decorating in vintage style!

Painted Farmhouse Cabinet brought to you by Emily Ann @ Uptown Heirloom Co. Photo used with permission. For an amazing collection of reclaimed furniture visit Uptown Heirloom Co on Etsy!

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