Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Make a Mistake Today!

{Jen's Closet}

Mistakes happen. Yes indeed they do. I was watching an interview with Butler's basketball coach Brad Stevens once {yes I am a big college basketball junkie} and something he said really resonated with me. He tells his kids that they are going to make mistakes so don't try to play to perfection because that can be paralyzing {I'm paraphrasing here}. Seth Godin wrote on his blog the other day “ you can't have success unless you're prepared to have failure”. We get stuck in the “what ifs”. If you're stuck in the what ifs, consider this...

1) What if I just do nothing? I never open my etsy store, I never loose that extra 10 pounds I'm carrying around, I never set that booth up at the local antique mall. What if I just set here in front of this computer screen and let my fear of failing hold me back? Are you prepared to set on the sidelines the rest of your life?

2) What's the worse that could happen? Let's be honest about the this. I'm not a brain surgeon so really what's the worse that could happen? If I make a mistake, chances are no one is going to loose their life! Are you prepared to visualize the worse that could happen and let go it it?

3) What if people laugh at me? Often we get stuck in the “what will people think of me” mode. Is my mom going to think I'm crazy for thinking I can make money from my talents or how about a husband that “just doesn't get it”. Are you letting other peoples attitudes get in the way of your failing?

Go out there today and make a mistake. I don't care if it's sewing the zipper upside down or pricing an antique way low and taking it on the chin. Do something to fail today {success is right around the corner}.

A BIG thank you goes out to Jen @ Jen's Closet for permission to use her photo of broken china from her flickr stream. If you want to see an amazing collection of vintage glassware, check out Jen's Closet! You'll be glad you did...


  1. I'm all about taking chances! Great post!! Thanks so much for including my broken china pic!

  2. Great reminder that we all make mistakes..One day I stopped at my favorite convenience store to buy a coke, and the clerk said, "Honey, do you know your shirt is on inside-out?"....I looked down and replied, "It's on backwards too!". We laughed at my mistake and the world didn't end.

  3. A lot of what you've said here hits home with me. Especially number three. Thanks for posting - looking forward to following your blog!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment ladies. Have a wonderful day!