Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blog Tips: How Do You Do It!

So you plan to write 3 blog articles a week and for awhile you are cruising right along. The creative ideas are flowing and you are on fire. All of a sudden, the kids need extra help with homework, work is stressful, pets are sick and before you know it it's been days since you've posted on your blog. So I'm wondering, how do others do it. How do you stay focused? How do you keep the creative blog juices flowing? How do keep from feeling somehow like you failed when you get side tracked?

Just wondering how other bloggers do it! I want to hear from you so leave a comment...


  1. First off, I just found your blog and I think its lovely. I will be following!

    Secondly, I try to remember that blogging is for me, (an online journal) if you will. I do keep a list of blog ideas, and maybe a draft or two of posts that are appropriate for all seasons or time.

    And thirdly if I haven't had time to blog, I remind myself that new experiences, trips and spontaneous days can get in the way sometimes, but isn't that why you started blogging in the first place?

  2. Thanks so much for the blog love and the comments. You make some great points. I'm just being blog lazy right now and I'm going to be ok with that!

  3. Like No Carnations, I also keep a list of blog ideas. Other than that, I don't have much to add because I am ALSO terrible with this issue! LOL! So, I'm watching YOUR comments here, hoping they will also help ME! LOL! Best of luck - for both of us! :)