Thursday, April 21, 2011

"You Deserve to Make a Profit"

I often see online sellers {especially etsy sellers} measure their success by the number of sales they have per month. I'm more concerned with the number of profitable sales I have per month. Fewer sales with higher profit margins is what I'm looking for. I'm not interested in running to the post office daily to ship off an item that I'm loosing money on. I don't have an MBA or an accounting degree but it just makes sense to me. Repeat after me “I deserve to make a profit”.


  1. I completely agree.

    As a buyer I love those sellers who are listing things at only a dollar or two! But once they get done with the listing fees and PayPal fees, I don't see how it is worth their while, unless they are just getting a lot of fun out of the process. And that may be.

    I guess it just depends on it you're doing it to make a living or not. Then, profit becomes a primary concern.

    I will admit that I have a VERY narrow specialty as a seller, and have sometimes purchased an item for resale that I knew was just PERFECT for my customers and which fit right in with my existing inventory, but which I also knew I wouldn't make much profit on. It's done in the name of making my customers happy and offering them something really special. But you've got to do things like that in moderation, only when it really makes business sense, or sink.

  2. Amen. "I deserve to make a profit."
    thank you for reminding me. I forget sometimes. :-)
    dahlila xo

  3. You make a great point Denise. I have put items in my store just to get traffic and knew they wouldn't bring much of a profit. I sort of see them as "loss leaders" and consider it the cost of marketing. I'm not actually selling online for "a living" but love the hobby of making money! LOL

    Always good to see you Dahlila...

    thanks for stopping by Gigibird...

  4. I agree with your thinking but also know moderate pricing on small items is a very good marketing tool. The main concern is that I know my Market.I am not an Etsy owner but have sold online and foot & have been successful for a long time. I do have an Accounting/Business Degree... Know your market & YES! You do deserve a profit. Stay true to who you are & be happy about it :)
    It's so nice to catch up with you again, we were neighbors on typepad, now I too am on blogger.
    Hope to see you again soon,